Still No Timetable For McLouth’s Return

According to David O’Brien, Bobby Cox said there is still no timetable for OF Nate McLouth’s return from the DL. He went through outdoor workouts yesterday and indoor workouts today, but still feels concussion-like symptoms.

McLouth has been on the DL since June 10.

Look, I like McLouth. He’s been nothing but nice the couple times I’ve approched him and he’s popular in the clubhouse. But the team is winning without him, and Blanco is doing a fine job as his replacement. I don’t expect Blanco to keep hitting at the pace he has since his promotion, but he’s been much better than McLouth this season. There is absolutely no need to rush him, and I’m glad to see they aren’t panicking with Heyward on the DL. A Hinske-Blanco-Cabrera outfield doesn’t strike fear in many people, but they should be able to hold down the fort over the next 9 games.

Whether he’s dealing with his hamstring, sore toe or concussion, the Braves need to a) make sure McLouth is truly healthy when he returns and b) send him on a nice long rehab assignment to pick up where he left off (a.k.a. continue rediscovering his swing). Because with the team still in first and playing fairly good ball, having an automatic out in the lineup again should be the last thing on this team’s to-do list.



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